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Warrior Raw Protein Flapjack Chocolate Brownie

Warrior Raw Protein Flapjack Chocolate Brownie

A surprisingly tasty raw protein flapjack. With other aspects being pretty good (except ingredients). This is the flapjack you should definitely give a try.

Similarly to PhD SmartJack Apple Crumble, this Warrior protein flapjack is definitely worth to give it a try. And I guess some may fell in love with it, as it’s a decently good protein snack. And it’s ‘proudly made in the UK’. What could we ask for more? Oh, maybe a bit better ingredients list? Anyway, let’s have a look at this startling Warrior Raw Protein Flapjack Chocolate Brownie.

Warrior Raw Protein Flapjack Chocolate Brownie
Warrior Raw Protein Flapjack Chocolate Brownie

And it starts well. This flapjack smells nice and it has easily detectable chocolate brownie scent. If it only was a bit, just a bit more intense. But I guess it’s only my fussiness, as it’s pretty good here. Well done. This treat is not too soft on the outside. However, it’s not too troublesome to bite into it. And it’s even more comfortable to eat it, as it’s just slightly chewy and it’s not sticky at all. And it’s a bit crumbly, just a bit. Another good news here is it’s moist, so don’t worry about having a sip while eating it. Most likely you won’t need it at all. That’s nice.

A really Chocolate Brownie flavour.

This flapjack doesn’t pretend anything. It’s supposed to be Chocolate Brownie flavour and it is like this. Literally. A chocolate and brownie flavours are easily detectable. They’re deep, tasty and sweet. But the sweetness of this flapjack is not too obvious. It’s not that heavy, sugary sweetness you know. It’s more like a touch of light sweetness in its weight, but not in its taste. And if it doesn’t tell you much about it then I’m sorry, I was trying to do my best. Anyway, this protein flapjack is sweet with the addition of a touch of sourness. But still, it’s a satisfying protein treat. Is it perfect in this matter then? Well, nearly.

I ate an entire Warrior protein flapjack and I guess it’s OK. It’s sweet and it’s tasty indeed. But it lacks that spark of craziness, virtuosity or madness. Or all of them. So one serving is OK for me.

Warrior Raw Protein Flapjack Chocolate Brownie

The macrowise thing is nothing to be bothered here. A 75g flapjack has 248 kcal, only 4,2g of fat, 33.5g of carbs (including only 3.4g of sugar) and a pretty lovely 20g of protein. And everything would be OK if only it doesn’t contain vegetable (so most likely palm) oil in the ingredients list.

Therefore, no chance for a title of the ‘finest protein flapjack on the go‘.

Surprisingly good and tasty, but not perfect protein flapjack.

Warrior Raw Protein Flapjack Chocolate Brownie

Warrior Raw Protein Flapjack Chocolate Brownie is excellent. It doesn’t taste like anything raw. And it honestly tastes like a chocolate brownie thing. Impressive. And except its middling ingredients, everything else is good enough to steal your heart (and taste buds). Well worth to give it a try.

Will I ever go back to this protein flapjack? I will. And if I wanted chocolate brownie anything the chances are I’ll get this one. It’s not super perfect, but it’s decently good. And that’s enough for me in this case.

  • Smell 7.5
  • Overall firmness 6
  • Taste 7.5
  • Moistness 8
  • Nutrients 7.25
  • Ingredients 4
  • Overall experience 8


A delicious protein flapjack that doesn’t taste like anything raw. It has a deep and delicious taste of chocolate and brownie. And it’s surprisingly good. Weel worth to give it a try.

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Very good taste

Very good macros


It contains added sugar

It contains ‘vegetable oil’

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