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KFC The Imposter Burger

The Imposter Burger trial and the lost chance of KFC

At last, we put our hands and bit into The Imposter Burger. A supposed Holy Grail for vegans, from KFC. And although we’re not #teamvegan, we are not too impressed with it. Too bad, as KFC could do that much, much better.

Yes, it took us a while to get at it. But say ‘thank you’ to KFC, as they underestimated a possible demand for their trial-launched The Imposter Burger and it was sold within a couple of days after it was launched. Then, they told us to wait for it another ten days or so. So we waited. And although we were not too excited while waiting for it, we were still ‘a bit’ disappointed while we did that, eventually. Here’s why.

Is The Imposter Burger a good option for vegans?

To be healthy and well-balanced, vegan diet should be rich in products coming from a variety of food sources. In other words, it’s pretty demanding. One of the essential elements in such a diet – apart from a healthy ratio of carbohydrates, protein and fat – is to meet vitamin B12 RDA (Recommended Dietary Allowance). They may come from fortified food, like alternative milk and yoghurt products enriched with B12, nutritional yeast, tempeh and so on. However, it’s essential to meet the amount of it at 2.4 micrograms a day which covers 100% of the RDA.

Imposter Burger and the lost chance of KFC
Imposter Burger and the lost chance of KFC

However, KFC isn’t so polite to let us know the exact amount of the B12 vitamin content in their Quorn-made patty. Also, Quorn’s website doesn’t tell about that much. Actually, pretty nothing. So here’s the question: is The Imposter Burger patty enriched in B12 at all? Do the breadcrumbs are enriched with so crucial for vegans B12 vitamin? Can vegans benefit from The Imposter Burger at all, besides having another vegan option in fast food? Or is it just another way to take the money out of their pockets? Eventually, there are vegan wraps on the market for a while and they do the job pretty well (but still, they lack that crucial info too).

Its not-too-tempting appearance.

All right, let’s forget about it for a moment. And let’s focus on The Imposter Burger itself. Its appearance. Let’s face the truth, this Burger doesn’t look good. And it’s nothing I’d want to eat regularly. It contains a bun (of course), a Quorn patty, scraps of lettuce, literally a splash of mayo and… that’s it. It’s definitely not what you would want to indulge in yourself. And it doesn’t look too appealing too. It’s pretty ridiculous to serve such a thing to customers and be proud of it. So what KFC could do about it?

Imposter Burger and the lost chance of KFC
Imposter Burger and the lost chance of KFC

Well, the easiest way on earth – add some extra ingredients that would suit vegans pretty good. Like more veggies, for example, a slice of tomato. And a slice or two of gherkins. How about a slice of vegan cheese to that? Or make it even more exciting by adding much more of vegan mayo. Or vegan sriracha mayo to make it a bit spicy. It definitely would make it much attractive, tastier and exciting. Also, looking way much inviting, enjoyable and scrumptious. And I’m sure it wouldn’t make it much more expensive than it is right now (£2.99). I’m pretty sure it would be even less than 50p extra to the cost of it. And I bet this price of at most £3.50 per burger would be still easy to swallow for vegans.

Could it be even better than it is?

Also, there’s another thing KFC simply went wrong with The Imposter Burger trial. We went for the vegan burger to Merry Hill Shopping Centre, Birmingham and we were told there The Imposter Burger is not available in a meal. In other words, you can’t have it with chips. Say what? Yep, that’s right. A single vegan burger or nothing. What’s the reason for that?

Imposter Burger and the lost chance of KFC
Imposter Burger and the lost chance of KFC

As we were told, it’s not possible to have The Imposter Burger in a meal because chips are deep-fried in the same oil that the chickens are. Therefore, they’re not vegan. How ridiculous is it? As The Imposter Burger is supposed to be THE NEXT BIG THING in KFC, it should have been available in a meal, with chips deep-fried in their own vegan compartment. But it’s not. This is nothing I’d expect as a vegan.

Is The Imposter Burger a revolution?

Here’s our perspective. KFC’s The Imposter Burger is some kind of revolution. But it’s not. On the one hand, it gives vegans another option for eating on the go, while out and about. On the other hand, it is done in such an unprofessional and unattractive way we’re not sure it’s more like offals than a regular and tasty, vegan-friendly meal. As we mentioned above, it could be done in a much, much better way with just a bit of extra effort. But it’s not. And as this is just a trial launch, we hope it’ll get much better while it’s available as a regular dish.

To wrap it up, it’s a huge disappointment, anti-climax so far.

We intentionally didn’t mention anything about the taste of The Imposter Burger yet. So here it is. Our burgers were not too tasty, not too flavourish, but still a bit dryish. And it’s not too surprising, as it’s not so easy to get any significant flavour and moist from scraps of lettuce and a drop of mayo. Anyway, the patty itself was pretty dry. On a pair with a bun.

Imposter Burger and the lost chance of KFC
Imposter Burger and the lost chance of KFC

And Kaz said her patty was way too salty (although she likes salty food). For a change, mine wasn’t. So again, there’s some room for improvement. This time, in being consistent in quality of served food.

The Imposter Burger, the final thought.

For now, The Imposter Burger is nothing we’d want to indulge in ourselves anytime soon for sure. For us, it’s a great disappointment. And there’s still much to do to make it an attractive, tasty and vegan-friendly burger.

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