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Pro2Go Blueberry & White Chocolate High Protein Bar

Pro2Go Blueberry & White Chocolate High Protein Bar

Disappointing. The worst protein bar out of four from this range. Not recommended.

This is the last flavour (for now) from the new series from SCI-MX Nutrition. And honestly, the worst one. Although the other flavours, Coconut & Milk Chocolate, Peanut & Milk Chocolate and Apple & Cinnamon, didn’t score higher than 5.7-6.0/10 pts, this one is even worse. And there are many reasons for that. This is Pro2Go Blueberry & White Chocolate High Protein Bar (from SCI-MX Nutrition).

Pro2Go Blueberry & White Chocolate High Protein Bar
Pro2Go Blueberry & White Chocolate High Protein Bar

This protein bar is promising, as it smells lovely. White chocolate and blueberries are easily detectable. They’ve got a pleasant aroma and the bar itself is inviting. However, it’s a bit toughish on the outside, being only softish on the inside. It’s not that it’s not comfortable to eat, but still, I ate many protein bars being much more effortless in this matter. Anyway, this snack is really chewy and it nearly devilishly sticks to the teeth. Therefore, have a sip while approaching it. Otherwise, it may be difficult to swallow it, as it’s a bit dryish.

And as this bar has a promising smell, the taste is nothing to be close to that.

This treat is not too much, but still a bit bitterish. It’s also sourish, as it has a blueberry filling (it’s obvious). However, there’s definitely too much of the latter. Also, the white chocolate coating is not tasty at all. The packaging says it’s ‘white chocolate coating’, but the ingredients list says ‘white coating’, And my taste buds say it’s much, much closer to ‘white coating’, as there’s no white chocolate flavour in it at all. Sorry, but it’s NOT what white chocolate tastes like. For 200%. As a result of that, this protein bar is not too tasty, it’s not too sweet and it definitely won’t make its way as a sweet and satisfying snack.

Do I want another serving after the first one? Not at all! It’s far from being tasty and sweet, not telling about being a satisfying one.

Pro2Go Blueberry & White Chocolate High Protein Bar

A quick look at macros tells this bar has 209 kcal, 6.9g of fat, 16g of carbs (including only 2g of sugar) and a decent amount of 21g of protein. Not too bad. However, the ingredients list contains palm fat.

And that palm fat is one of the reasons it can’t be the finest protein bar on the go.

Disappointing protein bar from not that bad range.

Pro2Go Blueberry & White Chocolate High Protein Bar

Pro2Go Blueberry & White Chocolate High Protein Bar is simply disappointing. It was supposed to be a tasty protein bar, as a composition of blueberries and white chocolate may be exceptional in taste. But not here. It’s a pretty tough, not too tasty bar with good macros, but bad ingredients. As a result of that, it’s nothing to write home about.

Will I ever go back to this protein bar? I won’t. And I’m ready to sacrifice ‘white chocolate’ and berries for the sake of another tastier and more pleasant protein snack.

P.S. Be careful while eating it without a wrapping, as its filling tends to leak out at the end of the bar.

  • Smell 8
  • Outer firmness 4.5
  • Inner firmness 5.5
  • Taste 4
  • Moistness 5
  • Nutrients 7.6
  • Ingredients 5
  • Overall experience 4


This protein bar is simply disappointing. Composition of these flavours should be highly palatable, but it’s not. The only good thing about this protein bar is its smell and macros. Nothing else. Too bad.

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