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Oatein Oats & Protein Flapjack Cherry Bakewell Flavour

Oatein Oats & Protein Flapjack Cherry Bakewell Flavour

Cherry Bakewell flavour is inimitable. It’s perfect, or it’s not at all. And this protein flapjack is perfect when it comes to its taste. And this is not the only thing it’s charming in this protein treat. In other words, it’s nearly ideal in a couple of aspects.

All right. We already reviewed one of the best protein flapjacks on the marked, PhD SmartJack Apple Crumble. It scored the overall score of 7.5/10 pts, landing in our TOP 3 of protein snacks. Awesome. The protein flapjack I’m about to review right now is not as perfect, but it’s still very good. And it’s definitely worth to give it a try. And here are the reasons why.

Oatein Oats & Protein Flapjack Cherry Bakewell Flavour
Oatein Oats & Protein Flapjack Cherry Bakewell Flavour

This protein flapjack smells terrific! Like a real cherry bakewell pie. Its aroma is intense and definitely inviting. I couldn’t wait to bite into it! And it wasn’t too difficult. Although this treat is pretty tough on the outside, at the same time, it’s comfortable to bite into it and chew. It’s also slightly chewy and it barely sticks to the teeth. And it’s crumbling in the mouth, so a sip may be needed while eating it. Anyway, it’s nothing to be concerned about. It’s still pretty effortless to eat.

And this taste! You definitely won’t be disappointed here.

This protein flapjack tastes like a REAL cherry bakewell cake. It’s lovely intense, flavourful and with a kick of white chocolate bottom coating. It’s delicious. And it would score a full 9/10 pts(!) if there wasn’t a barely detectable bitterish touch. But there is. It’s nothing that makes a mess here or ruins anything, but it’s slightly detectable. However, besides of it, it’s a lovely, delicious, sweet and satisfying protein flapjack. Well done!

If so, then I should want another serving after the first one, right? And I do want! Although this treat weights a not-too-small 75g, it seems to be pretty small. And after you eat it, you may feel like it was not too much of it (contrary to this flapjack from the range).

Oatein Oats & Protein Flapjack Cherry Bakewell Flavour

However, the macros wise thing doesn’t look perfect. A single flapjack has 301 kcal, 7.7g of fat, 38g of carbs (including 9.7g of sugar) and a solid 18.8g of protein. It’s not terrible, but still… The ingredients list contains palm fat and it’s nothing to be praised here.

Therefore, it can’t be the finest protein flapjack on the go.

This is what a Cherry Bakewell treat should taste like. Period.

Oatein Oats & Protein Flapjack Cherry Bakewell Flavour

Oatein Oats & Protein Flapjack Cherry Bakewell Flavour is a delicious snack. It smells incredible, it tastes lovely, it’s pretty easy to eat and its macros are not that terrible after all. The only flaw here is palm oil in the ingredients list. But if you don’t mind it and you like that taste, then you definitely should give it a try.

Will I go back to this protein flapjack? Although it contains palm fat in the ingredients, I definitely will. It has many other alternative advantages and it’s definitely much healthier than a regular Cherry Bakewell treats. So yes, I will. This is the best tasting Cherry Bakewell protein snack I’ve reviewed so far. Better than the one from CNP.

  • Smell 9
  • Overall firmness 6.5
  • Taste 8.5
  • Moistness 6.5
  • Nutrients 6.25
  • Ingredients 5
  • Overall experience 9


All right. This flapjack contains palm fat. But if you’re not too worried about it, then it’s well worth to give it a try. It’s delicious, easy to eat and if this flavour is in your liking, then you can always have it in your pocket.

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It smells lovely

It’s delicious!


It has only fair macros

It contains palm fat

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