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New CNP Protein Flapjack Chocolate Orange

New CNP Protein Flapjack Chocolate Orange

It should be called Orange Chocolate as there’s much more orange than chocolate flavour in this flapjack. But still, it’s pretty tasty and worth to give it a try.

New CNP Protein Flapjack Chocolate Orange is the latest release of this protein flapjack. A while ago we reviewed its predecessor which was, well… Let’s say it could be better. And thankfully, it has just happened! Similar to the other flavour from this new range, Lemon Meringue, that turned out to be much better than before. Now I can say this: this new CNP Protein Flapjack Chocolate Orange is better than before too. Phew, that’s really good news.

New CNP Protein Flapjack Chocolate Orange
New CNP Protein Flapjack Chocolate Orange

Surprisingly, not much changed regarding the smell of this protein flapjack. It’s still decently fragrant with both flavours, chocolate and orange, easily detectable. This makes this protein flapjack appetising and inviting. What was improved here dramatically is its firmness. From not-so-soft density, it went to a comfortable soft snack (changing its shape as well). And that’s OK, as now this flapjack is comfortable to bite into and chew. It’s just slightly chewy and sticky. But it doesn’t affect its ease of eating too much. What was improved here, too, is its moistness. Now, you should be able to eat it easily without a sip. Nice one.

This snack is more like Orange Chocolate than Chocolate Orange.

This CNP protein flapjack has more Orange flavour than the Chocolate one. Therefore, it wouldn’t be wrong to name it Orange Chocolate one. There’s a lot of orange zest in it and much less chocolate. That means its flavour could be balanced a bit better. Anyway, this flavour is pleasant and… on a par with the one you could find in the old version of it. Also, it has no weird aroma or aftertaste. And there’s no oaty aroma too. This flapjack may make its way as a sweet protein snack. However, I’m not sure it can be a satisfying one.

Do I want another serving of this new CNP protein flapjack after the first one? It was really close to it! If only its flavour was slightly more balanced…

New CNP Protein Flapjack Chocolate Orange

Let’s have a quick look at the macros of this protein snack. It’s pretty similar to the previous one, as it has 264 kcal (275 kcal before), 8.3g of fat (7g), 34g of carbs (38g) and 18.75g of protein (18g). It’s basically the same. The ingredients list changed a bit too. There’s still palm oil in it, along with maltitol syrup and date syrup. Not much improvement here, though.

All of that leads to the conclusion it can’t be the finest protein flapjack on the go. Sorry.

A new CNP flapjack. Much better, but there’s still some room for improvement.

New CNP Protein Flapjack Chocolate Orange

This new CNP Protein Flapjack Chocolate Orange changed significantly. It’s much easier to eat, it has the same, good flavour, it’s comfortably moist, and the overall experience is better too. The only thing I would still improve is the ingredients list. Other than that – it’s solidly good.

Will I ever go back to this protein flapjack? Although the ingredients list is not so perfect, there’s still a chance for that. If I only want something with oats and orange flavour, then this can be my first choice.

  • Smell 8
  • Overall firmness 6.5
  • Taste 7
  • Moistness 8
  • Nutrients 6.5
  • Ingredients 3
  • Overall experience 7.5


It’s not a perfect protein flapjack. But at the same time it’s good enough flapjack to give it a try. Even if you’re not the greatest fan of flapjacks and this particular flavour.

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It tastes not too bad


It contains palm oil

It contains date syrup

It contains maltitol syrup

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