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Mo Protein Protein Cookie Strawberry & White Choc

Mo Protein Protein Cookie Strawberry & White Choc

This is a protein cookie from the guy that won a couple of gold medals in some Olympic Games. But although its a bit yellowish, it’s still far from being a gold one. Or even a bronze one.

What a coincidence! This Mo protein cookie contains 23g of protein. And although it’s pretty thrilling, overall it’s like a time of 23 secs for 100 metres run. In other words, not too impressing. And I guess it’s not the matter of a bad form, as the other protein cookie from this range, Double Choc Chip, was not too prepared for a confrontation with other protein cookie contestants. Which is a slightly opposite to Mo Caramel Crisp Protein Bar. Anyway, let’s get to the finish of this review somewhat quicker than slower.

Mo Protein Protein Cookie Strawberry & White Choc
Mo Protein Protein Cookie Strawberry & White Choc

This protein cookie doesn’t smell exactly what it says. There are strawberries in its smell easily detectable. However, instead of white choc whiff, we get an overall sweetness (which is white choc-like). It’s still sweet and pleasant, so not too bad in this aspect. Also, I can’t say anything bad regarding its firmness – it’s both outside and inside comfortably soft, so no problem with biting into it at all. This cookie is barely chewy, but it’s sticky a bit. It also has a grainy texture and it’s a bit tight. As a result of that, this protein cookie is noticeably dry, so you may need a sip or rather two while eating it. You know, just in case to not to choke on with it.

It’s perfectly tasty. At least as long as strawberries(h) are bitterish.

When it comes to the taste of this cookie… Well, there’s a strawberry flavour in it. And a few of white choc sweetish one too. But that sweetness i not too detectable. It’s not too bad at the beginning as strawberry and sweet flavours are pretty nice. But the more bites you take, the more bitterish ‘flavour’ you start to taste. It’s pretty surprisingly here, but it’s definitely nothing I’d expect from strawberries-anything actually. And although this cookie is sweet, the presence of bitterish aroma doesn’t make it sweet enough to call it a proper sweet cookie. Therefore, no chance for it to be a sweet and satisfying protein treat.

I ate an entire Mo Protein Cookie and I say ‘thank you, that’s enough for me’. Neeext!

Mo Protein Protein Cookie Strawberry & White Choc

The packaging of this cookie says something like ‘good quality food options should be affordable to all’. And as I totally agree with it, I can’t say it about this treat. A 75g cookie delivers a rather largish 286 kcal, 9.1g of fat, 24g of carbs (including only 3.7g of sugar) and a pretty good 23g of protein. The ingredients list, however, adds to that added sugar and palm fat. Does it still sound like a ‘quality food’? Not for me.

So it can’t be the ‘finest protein cookie on the go‘.

A medal shape cookie that doesn’t deserve for a medal. Or any honour.

Mo Protein Protein Cookie Strawberry & White Choc

Mo Protein Protein Cookie Strawberry & White Choc is not a spectacular one. It smells pretty good and it’s really comfortable to eat. And it’s surprisingly cheap costing only £1 (or even as low as 75p while on offer). Other than that, well, it’s a below an average cookie. And most likely you won’t be interested in buying it again, not telling about stocking it.

Will I ever go back to this protein cookie? Not actually. There is at least one another protein cookie in Strawberry and White Choc flavour better than this, I mean Pro2Go Strawberry & White Choc Chip. And if you don’t mind the flavour, but you mind a protein cookie, then have a look at this fantastic cookie from Pro2Go. The best one we reviewed so far.

  • Smell 8
  • Outer firmness 7.5
  • Inner firmness 8
  • Taste 3.5
  • Moistness 6
  • Nutrients 5.8
  • Ingredients 4
  • Overall experience 4


As long as you like bitterish strawberrish, this protein cookie may be in your liking. But we don’t think so there are many people like that. And the only other reasons to grab this protein cookie is its intense smell. And that’s it. And it’s not enough for us.

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Bitterish taste

It contains added sugar

It contains palm fat

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