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Fulfil Chocolate Caramel & Cookie Dough Vitamin & Protein Bar

Fulfil Chocolate Caramel & Cookie Dough Vitamin & Protein Bar

A protein bar with benefits. And with great ingredients and superb macros. Too bad its taste could be ‘a bit’ better. I mean this bar could be tastier.

It looks like Fulfil range of protein bars ‘can’t into cookie dough’. We have had a White Chocolate & Cookie Dough bar and it turned out to be not so great. It scored a pretty low 5.6/10 pts which means ‘fair’. And the other one with Cookie Dough addition (and Chocolate Caramel as well) isn’t much better than that. All of that because I know what a real, homemade Cookie Dough tastes like. Period.

Fulfil Chocolate Caramel & Cookie Dough Vitamin & Protein Bar
Fulfil Chocolate Caramel & Cookie Dough Vitamin & Protein Bar

It doesn’t start so bad as this protein bar smells pretty nice. There are three flavours easily detectable, I mean Chocolate, Caramel and Cookie Dough. They’re not too intense, but still inviting. Also, this bar is softish on the outside and the inside. That means there’s not too much trouble with biting into it. That’s good. Furthermore, it’s a bit chewy and slightly sticky. But again, it’s nothing that could ruin its ease of eating. And a sip or two can make it even easier.

In the matter of taste… Well, it’s not so easy to make a balanced combination consisting of three different flavours. And here’s the results – it’s not balanced well.

There’s a bit too much of saltiness and too little of a milk chocolate sweetness. Also, cookie dough flavour should be decently sweet, but it’s not. The first feeling of the taste of this bar is like ‘what’s going on here?’. This composition is middling bitterish sweet and not fulfilling. And not satisfying. And frankly speaking, ‘a bit’ disappointing.

Am I fancy another Fulfil protein bar of this tastes after the first one? Not actually. It’s not too tasty and it’s nothing I would expect here considering promising flavours on its packaging.

Fulfil Chocolate Caramel & Cookie Dough Vitamin & Protein Bar

In the meantime, let’s talk about macros of this bar. They’re decently good. A 55g bar has only 188 kcal, 6.6g of fat, 10.5g of carbs (of which only 2.3g of sugar) and 20g of protein. Impressive. Same goes to the ingredients list, as there’s no added sugar, no palm oil, no syrups. WOW.

Can it be the finest protein bar on the go then? Not actually. It was so close, but its taste is somewhat disappointing. So nope.

Not fulfilling Fulfil bar. With benefits.

Fulfil Chocolate Caramel & Cookie Dough Vitamin & Protein Bar

Fulfil Chocolate Caramel & Cookie Dough Vitamin & Protein Bar. It was supposed to be a great protein bar. At least that was what I remembered from a while ago. But the reality turned out to be slightly different. Everything in this bar is good, actually decently good. Except for its taste. And this is a good moment to ask that final question.

Will I ever go back to this protein bar? I’d love to, as this is a decently good protein bar. If only it was a bit tastier… And as the taste is as important as other factors in any protein bar, then my answer is: I won’t. Despite the superb macros and ingredients in this bar. Sorry.

  • Smell 8.5
  • Outer firmness 6
  • Inner firmness 6
  • Taste 5
  • Moistness 7
  • Nutrients 7.8
  • Ingredients 7
  • Overall experience 6


This is a protein bar with benefits. It has great macros and ingredients. And extra vitamins and minerals. It’s easy to eat. And so on. But it lacks one of the most important things when it comes to (protein) treats – the taste. Too bad, as it had a great potential to be something more an average protein bar.

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It contains 9 vitamins and minerals

Very good macros

Very good ingredients


Not the best taste

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