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CLIF BAR Blueberry Crisp Energy Bar

CLIF BAR Blueberry Crisp Energy Bar

And again, it’s not too exciting adventure with this CLIF BAR. It’s something like you’d need a solid piece of a holiday, but you got only two days off.

Personally? I wouldn’t take any CLIF BAR for my best adventure ever with myself. You know, as an adventure buddy to boost you up when you need some extra energy. All of that, because it may give you a solid kick when you need it, but it does it in a middlingly gentle way. Just have a look at all of these CLIF energy bars we reviewed so far – none of them turned out to be at least good. Quite close to that was Crunchy Peanut Butter. On the other hand, Chocolate Chip was… well… let’s leave it for now and have a look at this CLIF BAR Blueberry Crisp energy bar.

CLIF BAR Blueberry Crisp Energy Bar
CLIF BAR Blueberry Crisp Energy Bar

This adventure starts not too good. This energy bar has a light smell of Blueberries and sweetness. It lacks its intense and it’s pretty far from being inviting. On the outside, this CLIF BAR is somewhat toughish. And it’s a bit better on the inside, as its interior is softish. Therefore, there shouldn’t be much problem with biting into it. This snack is only slightly chewy, but it sticks to the teeth noticeably. However, it’s pretty moist, so you may be able to eat it without a sip. So how about the taste of it?

This bar tastes like Blueberries with loads of sugar.

CLIF BAR Blueberry Crisp taste this way. There is Blueberry flavour easily detectable. And that’s good. Also, this bar is pretty sweet, so it will make its way as a sweet snack. Nonetheless, there’s also oaty aroma in it. And basically, it wouldn’t be so bad. What is bad, in fact, is its sweet taste. It’s not too subtle and you can easily say its pretty heavy. It’s something like you’d add too much of sugar to your tea, making it really sweet. And that’s the situation we’ve got here. This energy bar is sweet, it’s decently sweet, but not oversweet yet. However, it’s not satisfying at all due to that sugary heaviness.

I ate one bar and that’s enough for me. It’s not an exciting adventure.

CLIF BAR Blueberry Crisp Energy Bar

An excellent adventure needs extra energy, right? Right. And we’ve got a load of it here. A 68g bar has 268 kcal (not bad), 5.2g of fat (still, not bad), 44g of carbs (perfect!) and a biggish 9.4g of protein (a bit too much). And it contains 11 vitamins and minerals too. Pretty nice macros, aren’t they? However, the ingredients list looks like a joke from active and healthily leaving people. It contains invert sugar syrup, glucose syrup, brown rice syrup and cane syrup. Oops.

As a result of that, it can’t be considered ‘finest energy bar on the go‘.

An adventurer bar with a slightly devilish nature.

CLIF BAR Blueberry Crisp Energy Bar

CLIF BAR Blueberry Crisp Energy Bar is like other energy bars from this range. It promises a lot – ‘feed your adventure’ – but it doesn’t deliver it. It’s not too tasty, it could have better ingredients and the overall experience is like ‘this is our last adventure together, buddy. Sorry’.

Will I ever go back to this energy bar? I don’t think so (no, no). Instead of that, I’ll pick something more adventurer and exciting like ZENZERO Ginger energy bar or FORZA Re-fuel energy bar from Veloforte.

  • Smell 5
  • Outer firmness 5
  • Inner firmness 6
  • Taste 5.5
  • Moistness 7.5
  • Nutrients 4.25
  • Ingredients 4
  • Overall experience 6


As always – it promises a lot, like ‘feed your adventure. But in reality, I wouldn’t take it with myself. As it could ruin it totally. And the overall experience is like ‘this is our last adventure, buddy. Sorry’.

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It contains 11 vitamins and minerals

No palm oil


It contains invert sugar syrup

It contains glucose syrup

It contains brown rice syrup

It contains cane syrup

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